Joey Ds Auto Outlet Largo Florida - Joey D's Auto Oulet in Largo Florida are cheating crooks!


I went to Joey D's Auto Outlet in Largo, Florida before it has moved to another location because of their shady s hit business practices.I was looking at a Honda Accord that was advertised in the Auto Shopper.

I was greeted by some fat slobby w op. He told me I could take the car for a test drive. I had told him I had the cash money right then to buy the vehicle. I took the car for a test drive and came back.

As it turns out someone else came by after me to look at the same car. Then the *** c u n t turns the car into a auction so he can make even more money than what he had is advertised for. This guy was a total crooked piece of s hit ***! I let the other guy have the d amn car and left.

Stay away from these people they are shady dishonest crooked w ops! I hope the godd amn place burns down! This is no way to do business. I have never seen a place do something like this before.


Joey D let me tell you how I feel!

F uck you c u n t!

Review about: Honda Accord.



I agree this place is a ripoff


I hope this godd amn place goes out of business. This place is the biggest crook in town

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